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Black Badge Cullinan Breaks Cover in the Middle East

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East was the first region to showcase the entire Black Badge family, which has been recently completed with the introduction of Cullinan Black Badge – the darkest, most urban expression of a Black Badge motor car yet.
Dubbed ‘The King of the Night’, clients can draw on the marque’s 44,000 ‘ready to wear’ paint options or commission an entirely individual bespoke hue, although it is anticipated that many will opt for Black Badge’s signature Black paint.
On the prow of the car lies the defining expression of Black Badge, The Spirit of Ecstasy mascot, which has taken many forms throughout the marque’s history. This time it is presented in high gloss black chrome. For the first time this finish extends onto its mounting plate, creating the darkest Black Badge yet.
The ‘Double R’ badge on the front, flanks and aft invert to become silver-on-black, while chrome surfaces such as the front grille surround, side frame finishers, boot handle, boot trim, lower air inlet finisher and exhaust pipes are darkened. While they appear black, the vertical grille bars remain polished, reflecting the blackened surfaces that surround them.
The car’s 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V12 sounds even better, thanks to an entirely new exhaust system. Buyers also get an extra 29hp creating a total output of 592hp, as well as a further 50NM of torque, bringing the total to a 900NM.

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