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Montblanc Miles Davis Limited Edition 90

Montblanc has made another addition to its Great Characters collection of limited-edition writing instruments. This one, launched on what would have been Miles Davis’ 90th birthday, is dedicated to the great jazz musician.

The unique trumpet shape of the of the pen makes the writing instrument stand out, while the trumpet valves on the clip and a cone shaped like a special Heim mouthpiece evoque the instrument that Davis was best known for.

The Design

The skeletonised cap with intarsia creates a three dimensional effect, with a striking trumpet in red gold inlaid into the design. Under the Au7 50 white gold, a translucent resin underlay in blue recalls the colour theme of one of Davis’ studio albums Kind of Blue, regarded by many critics as his masterpiece and one of the greatest jazz recordings of all time.

The elegant tone of blue also features as colourful accent at the end of the cone.

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