Thursday, Nov 21, 2019
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S.T. Dupont Atelier Collections

Dupont Atelier has re-released the S.T. Dupont Lacquer Collection, as well as the S.T. Dupont Leather Atelier collection.

While the procedure remains the same for each piece, Dupont promises that the result is always different and unique. The lacquer collection was a reproduction of lighters, which also incorporated unique ancestral techniques that were used in Atelier in 1953.

Eventually, two pens also joined this collection of lighters. The method of creation is still incredibly complex, as stated by the brand, which says, “Only S.T. Dupont’s master lacquerers are able to transform the teardrops of a precious tree into the inalterable, glistening and deep-coloured material that is natural lacquer.”

For the leather collection, S.T. Dupont has decided to relaunch a collection of leather goods featuring patinated leather – this follows the success of the first re-releases.

Using the same technique that was used 144 years ago, Simon Tissot Dupont, attempted to quicken the natural patina acquired by leather over time to give it the same radiant look.

He developed an exclusive procedure, patinating, which lends coloured shades and contrasts beyond compare, giving them a deeper and more vibrant colour.

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