Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020
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Tom Ford Private Eyewear Collection

Tom Ford recently announced the launch of its Private Eyewear Collection, a special edition of sunglasses and optical frames designed for the eyewear connoisseur.

According to the brand, designer Tom Ford penned the design of these new sunglasses for himself. “These are the frames that I personally wear and in some instances originally designed only for myself,” he said when making the announcement.

“This is truly my own private collection. In most cases these editions of my favorite frames have been produced in new elevated materials that are uncommon in most commercially produced frames.”

The 11 styles in the Private Collection commemorate Tom Ford’s 11 years of making eyewear and are crafted using ultra-premium materials.

Real buffalo horn is selected for its warm finish and its natural pattern, which gives each piece a unique quality. The highest-grade Japanese titanium is chosen for its ultra-light weight and sleek, progressive look.

All sunglasses feature photochromic lenses that darken and lighten automatically, depending on the light conditions.

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