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In Conversation With Felix Gesnouin

Virtuozity catches up with Felix Gesnouin, the face of Roberto Cavalli’s frist male fragrance UOMO.

Being the face of a perfume is quite new for you, could you describe this experience?

The Uomo fragrance campaign is a new step for me and it’s taking me into something that is way more intense because it’s like working with a film crew where at any given time we have about 70 people on set. Working with Scott Cooper was a pleasure but I’m grateful to the Cavalli team, and Peter Dundas especially, for giving me something I have never had in this business.

What is your grooming routine?

I prefer to stick with quality products so I usually go for some Shea butter for my hair because it helps with the hydration and Marseille Soap for my face. I have sensitive skin so I make sure to use olive oil before going in for a shave.

Fashion weeks are challenging what is your biggest fear before a show?

Not messing up the clothes. It’s so easy to wrinkle, rip or dirty some of the stuff we’re about to showcase. Models are really reckless like that and the poor designers are always on edge.

What are your favorite destinations?

My favorite place to visit is Japan, the hospitality there is unbelievable, then Mykonos.

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