Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021
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Zero Motorcycles

New Generation Motorcycles (NGM) is on course to deliver the first batch of Zero Motorcycles to its UAE customers. A global leader in high-performance electric motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles combines the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle experience with today’s most advanced technology. Zero produces high-performance electric motorcycles that are lightweight, efficient, fast off-the-line and fun to ride.

“Motorcycle enthusiasts in the UAE can now buy any model from the Zero Motorcycles range. A truly unique riding experience, Zero is undoubtedly the most advanced and innovative electric motorcycle in the market,” said Ali Faisal al-Mutawa, General Manager of NMG.

“Our commitment to unmatched customer experience means we are delivering our UAE customers’ orders right to their doorsteps. Once the first Zero Motorcycles hit the UAE’s streets, they will capture the attention of motorists across the country.”

For 2016, Zero Motorcycles has unleashed a pair of new high performance models—the Zero DSR and Zero FXS, which features an all new Z-Force motor. Setting new standards in performance and speed, the supermoto-inspired Zero FXS can turn mundane city streets into urban playgrounds.

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