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Vult: Transforming Diamonds

Vult, a new company aiming to transform the world of diamonds, recently launched in the UAE. Vult is designed to preserve, protect, secure and gift wealth in the form of diamonds.

Each precision-made Vult acts as a portable diamond vault that fits into the palm of your hand, and inside each Vult is a set of GIA-certified, investment-grade diamonds.

The idea behind the innovation is that diamonds are one of the smallest, lightest and most concentrated forms of wealth in the world. Vult’s technologies turn diamonds into a new asset class that offers another tool for individuals seeking protection and control.

The value of Vult is determined by the true global market; the actual traded price and worldwide supply and demand determine the value of the portable vault and its contents.

The portable vault itself is a breakthrough piece of technology, which comes with six layers of security. Vult is constructed from a metal-free ceramic case and a single-crystal sapphire cover. An invisible GIA certificate number is laser-engraved on every diamond, the innermost layer of security, while the visible laser-engraved serial number is found on the outermost layer.

In between there are four more layers of the most advanced technologies for identification and communication, including a patent-pending core, encrypted optical signatures, and wireless multi-factor authentication.

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