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Vertu Celebrates Arabic Calligraphy

The British luxury smartphone manufacturer unveiled its latest collaboration, an exclusive edition created by the calligrapher Wissam Shawkat.

The artist who exhibited his worked around the world has been commissioned by Vertu to incorporate some of his artwork on Vertu’s Signature Touch.

“I’m honored to be working with Vertu. The brand has changed the definition of what a mobile phone can be; from something very practical to an innovative, extremely personal object. Each phone combines hand craftsmanship with leading edge technology, resulting in a sensorial experience in both design and function,” said Wissam Shawkat.

This initiative is falls in line with Vertu’s bespoke reputation. Shawkat’s artwork give an extra layer of customization to the brand’s smartphone and it also give them an regional touch.

Vertu’s Head of Design, Hutch Hutchison adds, “This collaboration with Wissam is the ultimate expression of our Bespoke offering, whereby customers can own more than just a unique Vertu, but truly a work of art. This exemplifies how Vertu is innovating with new and previously unheard of levels of personalization on the mobile phone.”

Launching during Ramadan this collection will be exclusively available in the Middle East and require 6 to 8 weeks to be delivered.

“I aim to elevate the art of Arabic calligraphy; whilst maintaining the heritage of the traditional Arabic art form, I aim to advance the aesthetic to something contemporary and modern,” concluded Shawkat.

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