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Montblanc For BMW Special Edition

Montblanc and BMW have partnered to create the Montblanc for BMW Special Edition, a collection of Montblanc products for on the road and in the office, selected exclusively for BMW.

The collection celebrates not only the two corporations’ shared passion for quality and craftsmanship; it also marks the beginning of a partnership that aims to become a symbol of contemporary luxury.

This special collection embraces select leather creations and writing instruments, all perfect companions for the new BMW
7 Series—in everyday life as well on ex- tended, luxurious journeys.

All the items 
in the collection boast subtle BMW 7 Series- style engraving and discreet “Montblanc 
for BMW” signature engraving. As of spring 2016 the exclusive series will be
part of the BMW Lifestyle Collection and available worldwide in selected BMW and Montblanc stores and boutiques.
All items in the “Meisterstück” series
in the Montblanc for BMW Collection are made of European, full-grain cowhide in unique, deep-gloss Montblanc black.

The high-quality Jacquard lining with Montblanc lettering and the Montblanc emblem with
a palladium-plated ring set refined accents, while the BMW 7 Series engraving of the classic basic look adds a modern touch.

The Meisterstück business card case keeps together all important bankcards, member- ship cards, and business cards in one place.

The Meisterstück passport case, a luxurious receptacle for international ID and travel documents, is the perfect companion for frequent travelers. The Meisterstück case for two writing utensils has room for two pens the size of a Meisterstück Classique or LeGrand, and also affords them optimum protection.

The Meisterstück key case for the Montblanc for BMW Special Edition is a real highlight: Tailor-made for the new BMW 7 Series, it is the very first key case by Montblanc designed to suit the shape of a particular vehicle key.

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