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Rolls-Royce Limited- Edition Cocktail Hamper

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has launched a limited edition Cocktail Hamper, conceived to meet the needs of customers who wish to relax and enjoy something a little beyond the traditional glass of Champagne.

The Hamper is meticulously hand- crafted over a period of eight weeks from American Walnut Wood and the finest Natural Grain Leather that adorn the interior of some Rolls-Royce motor cars.

On opening the Navy Blue leather- bound lid, the customer is presented with every necessary accoutrement required 
to create and enjoy the perfect cocktail. Each implement is a bespoke, hand-made creation designed to combine beautiful aesthetics with practicality, ensuring effortless use.

Indeed, the notions of effortlessness and supreme luxury inform everything about the design. The paring knife, for example, is magnetically housed in a recess hewn into the American Walnut structure thereby ensuring it is stored and transported in safety and without disturbance.

On opening, an automatic integrated light illuminates the Hamper in a warm glow, in turn reflecting from the mirrored surfaces to evoke the aesthetic of a luxurious cocktail bar.

Should the user wish to present their guests with canapés, two dishes find their place in the lower portion of the ham- per, either side of an ice bucket, whilst discreet drawers hold recipe cards and fine cotton napkins.

The upper tier of the Hamper, containing tumblers, decanters and a shaker, is adorned in a Golden Sand-coloured leather, selected for its vibrancy, offset with polished aluminium.

Smaller utensils including a muddler finished in American Walnut and a strainer engraved with the ‘RR’ mono- gram are securely stored on a specially developed moveable rack that can be locked when not in use and moved via a hinge to ensure effortless access when required.

The glasses take one month to complete owing to the utilisation of a time- honoured technique that sees the glass blown into beech wood moulds, guaranteeing an exceptionally smooth surface.

As an exclusive flourish, designed to express the delicacy of the glasses themselves, the rims are finished in platinum.


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