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Habanos Launches New Añejados Cigars

Continuing a Concept that was introduced a year ago, Habanos has launched two new Añejados, Cuban cigars which have already been rolled and aged for five years or more.

The cigars are branded under Partagas and Hoyo de Monterrey. The Partagas Coronas Gordes Añejados comes with a 46 ring gauge and is 143 mm long, while the Hoyo de Monterrey Hermosos no. 4 Añejados features a 48 ring gauge and a length of 127 mm.

Neither cigar will be made available in the standard portfolio of the brands. instead, they’ll be launched as unique edicion especiales in limited quantities.

The cigars will be sold in their original boxes, staying as they have done, without any label, throughout the ageing process. the only additions will be labels that show which brand the Añejados are from. the ring and the external stick will feature an added Añejados legend, besides a vitolina which explains the concept.

through the ageing process, the cigars have developed, meaning they will be rounder and mellower to the palate. haba- nos promises touches of delicate and sweet notes, and shades of wood, thanks to the cigar having been placed in cedar wood boxes for so many years.

Habanos said that the new cigars would be made available during the first quarter of 2016, and sold in boxes of 25.

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