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A Considered Approach To Relaxed Friday

The Rare Brunch, from the Porterhouse Steakhouse Restaurant at the Sofitel Dubai The Palm, does things a little differently from your regular Friday brunch in Dubai.

While the norm is a tipsy affair with too much bubbly and, let’s be honest, all-too-often sub- standard buffet food, the Rare Brunch takes a considered, careful approach to relaxed Friday afternoon dining.

For one thing, there’s no buffet—unless you count the dessert spread, which is laid out inside the restaurant. Instead, the Rare Brunch offers a set menu featuring a stellar selection of steakhouse-inspired cuisine. There’s no need to get up throughout the entirety of the brunch, which lasts from 12:30pm until 4pm, unless you’d like to meander around the stunning balcony area or the chic, new Orleans-style interior.

There’s sometimes a hesitance among brunch aficionados when it comes to set- menu deals, because there’s a sense that you might not leave the restaurant bursting with fine food. There’s little to worry about in that department at the Porterhouse’s Rare Brunch, which offers generous helpings of everything.

For the first course, a selection of salads and cold cuts are served—think Spanish smoked beef loin with shredded gouda, and australian angus beef tartare, served along- side ceaser salad and endive. There’s also the best home-made garlic bread served this side of Italy, which goes fantastically well with the chicken liver parfait, with pickled condiments on the side.

The main course is where the Rare Brunch really comes into its own, however. On-the- table sides are wheeled out first, and include stuffed, oven-baked baby marrow, baked rosemary polenta cake, baked potato and mustard cream, and corn on the cob and grilled vegetables.

Alongside this is a simmering plate of fine cuts of hot meat, grilled to perfection. There are various options available, but the trio to go for is the char- grilled, grain-fed tenderloin, the slow-cooked Australian lamb, and the grilled chicken. as condiments, you get three flavour-packed, homemade sauces—smoked barbecue, green peppercorn and mushroom.

If you’ve any room for dessert after all this, there’s a modest selection of cakes, pies and tarts available at the buffet table inside – all extremely decadent and tasty. For those without a sweet tooth, however, there’s still plenty to take in after the meal—the cocktail menu is varied and exciting, and the balcony area offers the perfect place to unwind.

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