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Blackberry Priv

BlackBerry has announced that the Priv, the brand’s first-ever smartphone powered by Android, is now available in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Combining the best of BlackBerry’s productivity, security and privacy features with the wide world of Google Play store apps, the Priv is the epitome of form and function. The pack- age is an ultra-thin device—including a dual-curved screen, touch and physical keyboards, an 18MP camera, and long- lasting battery—the features unique tools allowing users to manage and control their privacy.

“Priv is the first BlackBerry smartphone running Android and it creates a new market opportunity for us in the Middle East with users who are entrenched in the Android ecosystem and who are seeking greater productivity and more powerful privacy features,” said Mike Al Mefleh, product management director for the Middle East, BlackBerry.

“In addition, Priv is the first Android smartphone to combine the privilege of privacy with all of the most critical features users need to power through their day: a BlackBerry keyboard, large display, excellent battery life, BlackBerry productivity and security features, powerful specs and access to the world’s largest app ecosystem.”

The Priv was designed with security at its core, building on BlackBerry’s legacy of security and keeping private its custom- ers’ data. Security highlights include advanced privacy con- trols, secure hardware, a verified boot and secure bootchain, and fully support for BlackBerry’s enterprise mobility manage- ment solution.

However, while the device offers plenty on the work front, the fact that it now runs on Android means that it should be pretty good for play, too. It offers the full Android app and ecosystem experience, either a touch-enabled or physical keyboard, a tough and beautiful screen, a full-day battery life and a state-of-the-art camera.

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